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Macquarie Law School

Kirsten Davies

Kirsten Davies

Position: Lecturer and researcher
Tel: +61-2-9850 8334



Kirsten is a lecturer in the Department of Environment and Geography and at Macquarie Law School where she is also a PhD candidate undertaking a second doctorate. She is the architect of Intergenerational Democracy, a method of whole-of-community engagement and capacity building, which was published by UNESCO (2008) and is now being applied nationally and internationally. This method is the subject of her book (2012), Intergenerational Democracy, rethinking sustainable development. Kirsten's research interests include policy development and its 'on ground' application. She has developed the EcoCycle, a theoretical model that positions human behaviour within regenerative human and natural systems. Kirsten leads an expansive research program and is a member of the (Faculty of Science) Human Ethics Sub-Committee. To assist her work in policy and planning, she is currently undertaking a second PhD in Environmental Law (MQU) under the principal supervision of Associate Professor Shawkat Alam.

Qualifications & Awards

2005-2010 PhD (University of Sydney) Thesis topic: The influence of ethnic heritage on environmental sustainability for local communities
2009-2010 Awarded (Australian Government) Australia Research Fellowship which examined the social impacts of climate change in Vanuatu and applied Intergenerational Democracy as the research methodology
2005 Awarded University of Sydney Agri-Management Scholarship for post graduate research
2002-2004 Master's Degree in Sustainable Management - University of Sydney
2002-2003 Awarded Winston Churchill Fellowship. Research conducted in Japan, USA and UK which investigated specialist museums and volunteer systems
1976- 1979 Diploma in Fine and Applied Art, Riverina College of Advanced Education

Current Positions

2012 - present Lecturer and researcher, Macquarie University
2013-2016 Appointed by the Australian Government as Chair of the Small Pelagic Fishery Resource Assessment Group

Teaching Responsibilities- Law School

LEX 102 - Sustainability, Science and Law (Convenor)

PhD Research Interests

Kastom (or traditional) Law in Vanuatu and its potential application to broader climate change legislative frameworks

Selection of publications and presentations

  • Davies, K. Intergenerational Democracy: Rethinking Sustainable Development. Illinois: Common Ground Publishing, 2012
  • Davies, K. "Intergenerational Democracy, rethinking sustainable development" Plenary session (in conjunction with author's book launch for Intergenerational Democracy) presented at the Eighth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, Vancouver Canada, 10-12 January, 2012
  • Davies, K. "Intergenerational Democracy, The Tabwemasana Project: a Vanuatu case study." Paper presented at the Human Rights and Climate Change Workshop: The Added Value for the South Pacific, the European Union and the University of the South Pacific, Suva Fiji, 12-23 September, 2011
  • Davies, K.  "Intergenerational Democracy, Human rights and sustainable futures." Paper presented at the Human Rights and Climate Change Workshop: The Added Value for the South Pacific, the European Union and the University of the South Pacific, Suva Fiji, 12-23 September, 2011
  • Davies, K. "The Social Impacts of climate change." Paper presented at the Macquarie Human Geography Seminar Series, Faculty Environmental Science, Macquarie University, Sydney Australia, October 20, 2010
  • Davies, K (co-authored with Yeend, K. Nelson, N., Grosskopf, C). "Measuring Behavioural Change to evaluate Demand Management and Education programs." Paper presented at the 5th IWA Specialist Conference: Efficient, Sydney Australia, 25-28 October, 2009
  • Davies, K. (co-authored with Cramp, J). "Connect: The generational approach to activate sustainability." In Community Development and Ecology: Engaging ecological sustainability through community development, (Proceeding from the Community Development and Ecology Conference, 2008: Melbourne, Victoria) edited by, Matthew Clarke, Phil Connors, Jo Dillon, Max Kelly, Susan Kenny. Geelong: Deakin University, 2008  
  • Davies, K. "Alive, Culture, Sustainability and Intergenerational Democracy", UNESCO e-journal 1.2 (October, 2008). Special issue: Creative Local Communities: Cultural Vitality and Human Rights, edited by Kim Dunphy and John Smithies: 67-85
  • Davies, K. "How cultural institutions can help to save the planet", The Mag, 1 (February 2008), special issue: Going Green, sustainability demystified: 4-6
  • Davies, K. "Precious: Restored and new relationships", The International Journal of Environmental, Cultural Economic and Social Sustain