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Macquarie Law School

Eugene Schofield-Georgeson


BA (Hons) / LLB (Hons) (USyd); GDLP (Collaw); PhD Candidate (Macquarie)
Admitted to practice in NSW (2007); and in the High Court (2009)


Eugene Schofield-Georgeson is a PhD Candidate at Macquarie Law School. His work investigates the reproduction of class, race and colonialism through the criminal law and its procedure, the law of evidence and labour law. Eugene is a practicing criminal defence lawyer and is currently engaged by the NSW Legal Aid Commission. Before commencing higher degree research at Macquarie, he worked for a number of years as a criminal defence lawyer in Sydney and the Northern Territory with the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA). He also worked as Research Associate to the Hon. Justice Lance Wright, President of the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission.

Teaching Responsibiliites

Law 109 - Criminal Law and Procedure
Law 115 - Foundations of Law
Laws802 - Criminal Justice & Public Policy

Other Interests

Higher Degree Research Seminar Series (2013-2014).

Thesis Title

The King Can Do No Wrong: Criminal Procedure Law and Civil Society in Colonial New South Wales, 1788-1850.

Thesis Overview

My thesis investigates the birth of modern criminal procedure law in early New South Wales, evolving as it did, in synergy with a violent and repressive colonial State and rapacious form of agrarian capitalism between 1788 and 1850. The legacy of procedure law from this period haunts the 'sausage-factory' courts of Australia's suburban cities and its neo-colonial north. Process from the period continues to erase the subjectivities of so many young working-class and indigenous men. There has been little in the way of historical scholarship that focusses on the procedure that ordered the everyday lives of working-class and Aboriginal people in the courts, particularly in the summary jurisdiction. My work aims to recover these stories from the bottom-up, with the goal of providing an historical context to the existing practice of criminal procedure law.   


Associate Professor Iain Stewart


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Conference Presentations

  • Eugene Schofield-Georgeson, "Criminal Procedure in Colonial NSW, 1788-1861", Forbes Society Discussion Paper, NSW Bar Association, 11 February 2014, (Guest Lecture);
  • Eugene Schofield-Georgeson, "The Right to Silence in Colonial NSW", ANZLHS Conference, Dunedin, December 2013 (Conference Paper);
  • 'The Right to Silence in New South Wales: A brief history on the eve of its destruction', Australia New Zealand Law and History Society (ANZLHS) Conference, University of Otago, Dunedin (forthcoming - 2013).