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Macquarie Law School

Ekaterina Sofronova

Law HDR Student - Ekaterina Sofronova

Location: W3A 331


Bachelor of Jurisprudence (Hons) (Russia); PhD candidate (Macquarie)

Thesis Title

Environmental Governance and NGOs in Russia

Thesis Overview

The main purpose of this research is to explore the regulatory capacity of non-state institutions, particularly, environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Russia and barriers for their effective, legitimate and authoritative participation in contemporarily environmental governance in Russia.


A/Professor Vijaya Nagarajan - Supervisor
Dr Cameron Holley - Adjunct Supervisor


  • A.F. Bakulin, G.G. Popova, E.A. Sofronova. The enforcement of Law on Limited Liability Companies: review of court practice. The journal of the Federal Arbitration Court of the Volga-Vyatka region and the Nizhny Novgorod State University "The Economic Disputes: Theory and Practice", issue 3, 2004, (in Russian).
  • E. Sofronova, C. Holley and V. Nagarajan, 'Environmental Non-Government Organisations and Russian Environmental Governance: Accountability, Participation, Collaboration and NGOs' (2014) Transnational Environmental Law (forthcoming 2014, accepted 31 December 2013)


  • Postgraduate Workshop 'Environmental Law and Governance: New Ideas and Old Problems', University College Dublin, May 2013
  • 2013 ANZSIL Post-graduate Workshop on Accountability and International Law, ANU, Canberra, July 2013.