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Macquarie Law School

Pre-Law Pathway for Current Students


Course Transfer Information for Current Students


Who can apply

Students already enrolled in a Macquarie degree who have:

-  completed between 24* - 48** cp of Macquarie units 
-  completed Lex 101 or Lex 102
-  minimum overall GPA 3.0/4.0  [ or 5.0/ 7.0]  or higher

* Note:   Minimum 24cp must be studied in a current degree at Macquarie University.
** Note:  Students who have completed more than 48 credit points cannot transfer into a single or double Bachelor of Laws degree

2018 School Leavers see Pre-Law Pathway for New Students

New Procedure

Students who fulfil the above requirements can directly Course Transfer 
into a Double Degree with Law or Single LLB.

Students are advised to check the Course Transfer site for opening/closing dates.

When can I transfer?

The Course Transfer site opens in July and December.  Students who have fulfilled the above requirements
apply in December to begin Law in Session 1.  To transfer to Law at the start of Session 2,
please apply in early July

What if I don't have 24 cp?

Students who have not completed 24cp will not meet the requirements for transfer and should apply
in the next transfer period.

GPA - almost there?

Students must demonstrate the required GPA (or higher) in order to meet the requirements for transfer

No LEX Unit?

Students must complete Lex 101 or Lex 102 in order to meet the requirements for transfer

Missed the deadline for Transfer?

All applications for Course Transfer must be received within the official course transfer period.  
Late applications will not be accepted.  
The Course Transfer site opens in early July and early December for a limited time only.

I have an Incomplete Grade

All incomplete grades need to be resolved to enable a course transfer to proceed.  
Students with an incomplete grade will need to apply in the next course transfer period

After you apply

The outcome of your transfer application will be emailed to your student email address and 
updated on your Internal Transcript

Students study Law 115  in their first Session followed by:

*  LAWS104 Contracts
*  LAWS108 Law, Lawyers and Society
*  LAW109 Criminal Justice

Please refer to the current Handbook for further details


Need academic or program advice?  Contact Student Connect (02) 9850 6410 or go to